Amazon FBA Shipments

Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) Freight Services

Shipping goods to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre from Overseas can make businesses nervous, unsure of what hidden surprises there could be along the way. With many years of experience in handling import shipments from China and elsewhere on behalf of Amazon FBA Sellers, we understand how to make the process as quick, hassle free and cost effective for you.

With more and more competition on the Amazon FBA marketplace, every penny counts – so that is why at Far East Shipping (UK) Ltd we ensure our FBA freight services are competitive and also deliver reliability and flexibility.

Overview Of Our FBA Freight Forwarding Service

Upon finding a supplier, you will need to obtain a quotation from us, so we can offer you pricing to transport the consignment by ocean or air. If your consignment is quite large/bulky, it is likely that an LCL ocean freight service is best suited – however, with our competitive pricing, if you have around 15 – 20 cubic metres of goods, you may find that it is more cost effective to use a 20FT container for your sole use.

We will need to know the incoterms of the shipment, whether you are buying under FOB Terms or Ex-Works for example, so that we can ensure your quotation is accurate. Too often we find clients that are unsure of whether they are buying FOB or Ex-Works and this can make a big difference on the overall costs.

Upon receiving our quotation, you will see it is a comprehensive quote breaking down all parts of the shipment from origin through to final delivery to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Please note that by working in partnership with Far East Shipping, you are able to utilise other services offered by our sister companies.

Perhaps you do not want all of the stock to be sent straight into Amazon and would rather drip feed into the Fulfilment Centre. This is something our sister company FPF Warehousing Limited can help with, offering cost effective warehouse storage services to many Amazon FBA Sellers.

We also have another business, which is purely involved in the Prepping of units prior to their delivery into Amazon. Things such as applying SKU labels, Polybagging, Re-Works, Bundling, Labelling are all things our sister company is able to assist with.

As you can see by using the services of Far East Shipping (UK) Ltd means you have a wide range of resources available to you. We believe that we are one of only a few companies in the UK, who can say that they handle all parts of the FBA shipment from start to finish.

Air Freight Shipping To Amazon FBA

For time sensitive consignments or smaller and/or lightweight goods, our air freight services may be your best option. Air freight can be expensive due it being a premium service, due to the speed of delivery. However, on occasions sometimes smaller consignments can be best moved by air, due to minimum charges that can be involved when sending by ocean freight.

We would always welcome the opportunity to provide a comparison for both scenarios, so you can see for yourself which mode of transport is best suited to your needs and budget.

LCL Ocean Freight To Amazon

The vast majority of Amazon Sellers we work with, are utilising LCL ocean freight services. This is by far the most cost effective way to moving goods from overseas, especially if it is a large or heavy consignment you’re transporting. The cost savings you can make when using LCL shipping, compared with air freight are second to none. Just ensure you factor in suitable lead times for shipping goods by ocean freight, if you have a particular deadline to meet.

Full Container Loads (FCL) For Amazon FBA

Our FCL services span the whole of the Far East and we are able to offer inbound full container load services from all major ports into the UK. We will coordinate the whole shipment from start to finish, ensuring the prompt loading of your container by the supplier, onward shipment to the UK and a quick, hassle free customs clearance of the goods. Once your container has cleared customs, you can either take it to your own premises for unloading or why not consider using the container devanning services of our sister company FPF Warehousing.

takes pride in offering comprehensive shipping services tailored specifically for Amazon FBA shipments. We understand the unique requirements and time-sensitive nature of Amazon FBA, and our mission is to provide a seamless, end-to-end solution that ensures your products reach Amazon’s fulfilment centres in the UK on time and in perfect condition.